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Touch chesi chudu movie review |raviteja Touch chesi chudu movie review | touch chesi chudu public t


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Touch chesi chudu movie review |raviteja Touch chesi chudu movie review | touch chesi chudu public talk

Mass Raja Ravi Teja got hit track with 'Raja The Great' after a long gap. This February (February 2) will be ready to make a comeback in the theaters with 'Touch and Watch' Rashekhan and Seetath Kapoor are heroines .. Nallamamara Srinivas (Bujji) and Vallabhneeni Vamsi are jointly producing the film 'Touch and Look' on Lakshmi Narasimha Productions banner in Baby Bhatia. Vikram Siriroda is getting introduced with this movie.

Ravi Teja Movie is a big hit with the movie titled 'Touch and Watch'. The latest release of teaser and trailer has a good response from the Audience and the film unit will show the touch of the box office records to touch. The film has recently completed its Sensor Program and has a U / A certificate. The response is positive from the sensor members and producers say Ravi Teja is another hit.

In a recently released trailer, 'bullets are in the uniform. I do not know how to shoot with a chimpanondo rod when the uniform is removed, 'said Ravi Teja, who is throwing vigils with Mass Audience, throwing powerful dialogues in the police dress. Rakhi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor will have a glimpse of how much glamor to the film.

The heroes who have come up with self-promotion in the industry, like Ravi Teja, Srikanth and Nani, have also been recognized as good actors. Ravi Teja shared the audio of the film with Mohan Raja Ravi Teja as part of the 'Touch and Look' film promotion. He later revealed about his next films. Currently Kalyan Krishna is directing the film sets on the sets.

After completing the film, I wanted to make a film in the direction of Srinu Vaitla. Soon the film is going to reveal things. However, none of us in the industry is not a competitor. Nobody is a backbone. Not to stand up to the ongoing Sreenuvees in the lineup. Why do you say what's going to be backup in the film industry?

Rashekana, who has a good image as a heroine heroine, is more interested in acting in different roles than in the style. Rashekhan's latest film Ravi Teja is playing the role of 'Tachasey Kududu' in the film. The film is directed by Vikram Siriroda and the film is expected to be released on February 2.
Interview with Rashekhanna on this occasion ..
* About your character?
- My character's name is floral. Generally, the heroines show comedy and excellence
Chances are rare. My role with the comedy touch in this film is going to vary. Every scene in my combination with Raviteja smiles. I like comedy. My role is going to be important for small gestures.

Mass Maharaja Raviteja is not a dialogue in cinemas .. Dialogues in real life are very realistic. Sometimes bluntly that is in the mind. Directed by Sreenu White, who has been in the flip flops recently, said he was okay. If there is a comment on this occasion, Srinu is back to the white and he says that no one is going to back up anyone.

Ravi Teja, who is so frank, has not given any reaction to a question. It's not about someone else .. Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Raviteja's latest movie touch looks at the promotional part of Twitter with chit chat chat on the fans. Initially, a Power Star fan asked Pawan Kalyan to tell him a word. It is simple as Raviteja (next). When you do not want to answer the question asked, the knock is unbearable. Ravi Teja is also surprised by the fans following the session.

In the downtime of the accident, the tweet was deducted from the session. Ravi Teja answered all the questions of the audience in the session. That's why it's one thing. It's no wonder why the tweet was deleted and the fans seemed a little strange.

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